“Let thy food be thy medicine, and medicine thy food”

“Nature is so smart, it put the  medicine inside the food.”


I always tell the people I encourage during their Healing Journey, that eating and drinking healthy is optimal to the body healing itself.

Throughout my sick days, I devoured loads of vegetables and fruits, that the nurses in National Hospital regularly teased me with it. My Aux nurse said they talked about me always feeding on greens like a goat (it cracks me up!)

On the day of my 1st discharge they gathered in my room to wish me farewell, and one of them voiced out her concern over my eating habit, “abeg, eat real food when you get home.”  Real food being (Eba, yam, rice, Nigerian local soup, etc)

I understood how this mattered as they needed me to gain the weight I had lost.

But most people don’t understand the need for an aggressive plant-based diet when your body is breaking down.

I was pescatarian (also free from gluten) for the beginning part of my journey and adopted the Hallelujah Diet. (The Hallelujah Diet comprises 85% raw plant-based food and 15% cooked plant-based food.)

I later reintroduced grass-fed beef & liver into my diet because I had developed Iron Deficiency Anaemia.

In order to stay on course, I made a deliberate effort to communicate my ‘diet choices’ to caretakers, close friends and family. It is so important.

Even when it seemed like my flailing health wasn’t improving, I consumed a lot of natural juices/Smoothies. With the help of a Health Coach {@adebimbolaomonbude on Instagram} and Monique Juice Woman {+2348027549783}, I nourished my body with the class of fruits/vegetables/herbs that are anti inflammatory.  

So, regardless of the plans your doctors have laid out for you, learning about the nutritional content of food is one of the ways you can effectively take control of your health. I suggest that you seek the services of a Nutritionist/Wellness Enthusiast.

Also, research on the importance of organic food in your diet and how it can repair your body­.

Discover the nutrients your body needs to reverse its illness.

I can confidently attest to this: that cold-pressed juices & smoothies are rewarding for you if your body is highly inflammed or that’s the only way you can get these food groups in your diet. But if your body isn’t in dire need of repair, you’re better off consuming the actual produce whole—just eat your salad!


 “By sticking to a healthy diet based around whole plant foods and by avoiding some of the key triggers, you can make a world of difference to support your own well-being.”


I have made a list of fruits/veggies I ate and still eating…… 

–         Cold-Pressed Juice:  celery, cucumber, lettuce, carrot, grape, sweet potato, spinach, pumpkin leaves (Ugwu), Beetroot, Tiger Nut

–         Smoothies (berry family (mostly blueberries & strawberries), kale, kiwi, mango, avocados, broccoli, bananas, pear, watermelon honeydew, cantaloupe

–         Probiotics to take care of my guts.

–         Green & Lemon Grass tea

–         Bone Broth Soup

–         Fiber: garlic, onion, apple, flaxseed, radish

–         Spices: Ginger, cloves, cinnamon, turmeric

–         Plant-based milk

–         Snacked on nuts (almond, coconut, walnut)

 When you incorperate this diet, you need to be consistent, disciplined and patient with your progress, as you might not gain weight immediately. But your organs & tissues will heal.


To create Vibrant Health; body, mind and spirit must be balanced.



In addition to my healthy diet while healing, I made a lifestyle adjustment:

–         Managed stress

–         Cut off alcohol, dairy, caffeine & processed sugar

–         Basked in the sun/sat outside for fresh air/walked barefoot on grass &
sand/I spent a lot of my time in nature

–         Walked/stretched when I had the ability to

–         Drank a lot of water! Like a whole lot! As cliché as this sounds, water played a huge role in my healing. It is the most essential element: it hydrates, help transport oxygen. purifies, cleanses and renews your whole being (can be infused with lemon, mint leaves/cucumber to improve taste.)The only side effect is a lot of journey to the loo wink

–         Cleansed & strengthened my body with (fresh lemon & ginger water)  

–         Remained spiritually plugged to my source, God & nature.

–         Laughed more

–         Loads of sleep

–         Daily repeated positive affirmations

–         And for pain management, hot water bottle was my companion + Essential Oils (frankicense & peppermint oil)


Given the right food and environment, every organ in the body has the ability to heal itself. Tissues heal, they regenerate and restore back to form.

I am rooting for you, so put on your shield of faith, do not lose hope—give your body a chance to alleviate symptoms and heal itself.  




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