I craved death……I woke up every morning wishing I had died in my sleep.

There is a time for everything. “a time to be sick and a time to heal” February 2018, I started this year sunken with Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), sometimes known…

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Rich In Faith

What ‘Rich in Faith’ means to me: To hold the promises and the pleasure of Christ firmly in my mind until it pushes the other images out. Its my willingness…

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Thank God Its My Birthday!

When we are confronted with a situation over which we have no control, we are challenged to change ourselves…….. to be able to see beauty everywhere. 1st Of February 2017…

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When somethings happen to you, you can only write them down and tell your story.

“You can’t force yourself to heal. Sometimes, you have to sit with your suffering and pain to overcome it” February 2016 – Abuja, Nigeria As some of you already know,…

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This is my story

Hey there,
I was living my best life, feeling quite balanced: physically, spiritually and emotionally, until May 2015 when I fell chronically ill with series of unrelated diagnosis & countless hospital visits/surgeries & invasive procedures. I eventually got a breakthrough in March 2017 with a provisional diagnosis: Undifferentiated Connective Tissue Disease.
My healing journey has been a whirlwind of emotions: from immense pain, to tears, laughter, love, comfort, fellowship, unbending faith challenged with fear, confusion, anger, hope, despondence, hope again!
Somehow, all the darkness I had to endure has made me a ‘wellspring of hope.’
I will be giving my best to life by spreading my wings a little more & celebrate my breakthrough in-spirit, energised by my passions: fashion,enriching and uplifting the lives of others using my special gift of encouragement.

I am also using my voice/resources to empower women and liberate the marginalised from any form of oppression.

I write as a cathartic release to serve you & manage the emotional aspect from my near-death experience.

If you want to be encouraged, informed, or need to propel your faith, please subscribe to stay updated, as this space chronicles my victorious-walk through the valley and shadows. I hope I remain a source of light as I share bits & pieces of this journey: detailing the good, the bad and the very ugly.

I welcome you with love, as we remain a community that support and raise each other’s spirits.