Thank God Its My Birthday!

When we are confronted with a situation over which we have no control, we are challenged to change ourselves…….. to be able to see beauty everywhere. 1st Of February 2017 {Countdown to my birthday} I…

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My Story

Welcome to my Healing Space.

My name is Adebambo Nicole {both names L-R meaning "Crown Comes With Me & Victory of The People."

In May 2015, I felt a knife-stabbing pain at the left side of my back, with no energy left in me to get out of bed, I made an SOS call. My whole body was consumed with pain and fatigue like a gigantic truck had fallen over it. That Saturday was the beginning of my fight with a Chronic Disease that the doctors were unable to clinically diagnose.

After two years of countless hospital visits, admissions, surgeries & invasive procedures, I triumphantly got a breakthrough in 2017—still with no name for the dis-ease, I left the hospital with a provisional diagnosis: Possible Undifferentiated Connective Tissue Disease.

I created this page to chronicle my healing journey which has been a carousel of emotions: from immense pain to weeping, laughter, love, comfort, delicious fellowships with wardmates, unbending faith challenged with fear, confusion, anger, hope, support, despondence, hope again!

Somehow, all the darkness I had to endure has made me a Wellspring of Hope and Light.

I have been given a new Spring of Life, and this time around I will be shining my spectacular light. I am giving it my best by staying connected with my Higher Self, passions and soul-purpose— using my special gift of encouragement, creativity to enrich and uplift You—sharing my breakdowns and breakthroughs to invigorate hope, compassion, and strength.

I write to serve your hearts with ingredients for healing and be available to the wounds of others.

If you want to be inspired, encouraged, informed, or need to propel your faith, please subscribe to stay updated, as this space chronicles my victorious-walk through the valley and shadows of death. I hope I remain a source of light as I share bits & pieces of this journey: detailing the good, the bad, and the very ugly.

I welcome you with love, as we remain a community that supports and raises each other’s spirits.

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