Rich In Faith

What ‘Rich in Faith’ means to me: To hold the promises and the pleasure of Christ firmly in my mind until it pushes the other images out. Its my willingness to abide in a place…

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My Story

Welcome to my Healing Sanctuary.

My name is Adebambo Nicole {both names L-R meaning "Crown Comes With Me & Victory of The People."

Sometime in May 2015, I felt a knife-stabbing pain penetrate the upper-left side of my back, with no energy left in me to make it out of bed, I made an SOS call. My entire body felt consumed with excruciating pain and fatigue like a gigantic truck had fallen over it. That Saturday was the beginning of my fight with a Chronic Disease that the doctors were unable to Clinically Diagnose.

After two years of countless hospital visits, admissions, surgeries & invasive procedures, I triumphantly got a breakthrough from Hospital Admissions in 2017. Still, with no name for the disease, I was discharged as an out-patient with a provisional diagnosis: Possible Undifferentiated Connective Tissue Disease—whereby the lymph nodes all over my body were highly inflamed.

I created this space to chronicle my healing journey that has been a carousel of intense pain: to weeping, laughter, love & losses, comfort, delicious-fellowships, unbending faith challenged with fear, confusion, anger, forgiveness, happiness, hope, heartbreaks, despondence, and communal-support.

Somehow, all the darkness I have had to live through has initiated rebirths, healed and still healing my childhood wounds—catapulting me into a new realm of self-discovery and freedom, where I can paint the various colors of my truth.

I have been given the gift of a new life, and this time around I will be shining my spectacular light—remain connected to my higher self, unique essence, passions, and soul-purpose—using my special gifts to enrich and uplift You—sharing the breakdowns and breakthroughs to invigorate your joy, faith, and strength.

I write to be available to your wounds and serve you with ingredients for healing.
To be a wellspring of empathy, positive-energy, and unconditional love.

If you want to be inspired, encouraged, informed, or need to propel your faith, please subscribe to stay updated,/share as this space chronicles my walk through the valleys and shadows.
I hope to remain a source of LIGHT as I share bits & pieces of this journey: detailing the good, the bad, and the ugly.

I welcome you with love, as we remain a community that supports and lifts each other’s spirits.

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